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I started today the publishing of Light and Darkness. Every friday 4 pages will be added.

The comic/book can be found int the following sites:

* English version



SmackJeeves: lightanddarkness.smackjeeves.c…



* Portuguese version

Tapastic and InkBlazers: same link as above, choose the lang in the lang options
The Ink Blazers website, the house of a lot of great indie mangas and comics, will be shutdown in February.

Not a good way to finish this f*** year :(

Where I'll post my comics now? Maybe here on dA (in a group for it), and Tapastic and SmackJeeves.
I want to get back to my stories, creating comics or illustrated books (something like storyboard).

All this time I was trying to reach a style that I like, and I think I finally found it (not a forever style, but something that I like now).

In this sample, the b&w and colored version of the same image. For shadows, I used a layer layer full filled with grayish blue , then with a soft eraser created the white spots (look at this tutorial:…?). After, desatured the image to get the b&w. If I want a colored page, simple add the color layer and additional effects layer, if necessary.

Sample by dragaodepapel
2014-09-14 22.10.11 by dragaodepapel

Original Character Cosplay Winner :D

Almost 20 years ago I wanted to be a game programmer. But I needed to work and, without internet, books or something that can help me, I forgot it.

And this week, after seeing that printing a book isn't my job, I'm wondering about games. Simple games, those simple but nice indie games. I'm a storyteller, so I can create something for a game. Maybe.

Then my brother shows me a software called Unity, to create games. I'm learning to use it now. Maybe I can make something with it and forget the books. I don't know yet. Nothing is sure in my life.
Yes, my book of short stories, illustrated, is already finished.

And I want to print it, not only publish on Amazon and other services.

For that, I created a campaign in the brazilian website Kickando. For now the book is only in Portuguese, and of course the campaign too.

But if you want to take a look:…
My next cosplay is a Dark Elf. Specifically, my original character, the Dark Elf Queen.

And I have only 20 days to make it.

Let's see what happens.
Why humans are so mind-blinded?

I find it amazing that they are able to use computers. :P
Today I tried to make the first illustration for the page 1 of a short story. The first test for the books.

Spent all the day thinking and trying and not yet sure if it's good :/

The text is only a sample, this is not the final format. The software I used (Manga Studio) to make the drawing don't handle text very well. The final editing of the book will be made with InDesign.

Sample 001 by dragaodepapel
After a long time occupied with an event, I'm back to work :)

Now I can finish a lot of things I have to do.

And one is my book. Better, are my books. It isn't only one.

But I want something different with them, not only a drawing for the cover and plain text inside. I want to illustrate it, in a new way.

And I here arguing with my neurons about the drawing style :P I cannot make something in the level of Marvel or DC, I'm far (and far, far away) from it, the drawing I can do better is pencil with ink to finish (of course, all digital).

And the question is: this style can be used in a fantasy and/or sci-fi book? Of course, "adult" drawings, this one I made in seconds only to have and idea :)

016 by dragaodepapel
No updates and no new drawings.

I'm very busy with the production for a nerd convention (Shinobi Spirit, May 18/19, Curitiba, Brazil).

I have only my Narcissa's cosplay to fix (problem in the back of the dress), a Nimbus 2000 for a friend, a lot of wands and plushies and small chibis made from clay to make.

I'll put photos when I have the things finished :D
Found it in the Anne Rice's Fan Page in Facebook:

"It's amazing how willing people are to tell you that you aren't a real writer unless you conform to their cliches and their rules."

The full text is here:…
There comes that moment when you discover that it is better to hide your talents, to not be used only as a tool.

Final format test

These are the final pages from the test of format for the book.

It's a novel with a more simple text, like a screenplay, where each scene in the chapter have an illustration, and the "chapter cover" too. The dialog, that doesn't appear in the test, are all like "char name: dialog" in italic format.

And I reached the point where I need to make the choice, because the rest of the work depends on it: create the book in this format, or make it in the "normal" format for novels (full text and no illustrations).

I know that this format have some limitations, like not working on epub format.

My question is: it will work? People will want to read it?

Page 3 by dragaodepapel

Page 4 by dragaodepapel

I need to re-arrange my works in the folders... again.

Old works and not good ones to an "old works" folders. And there will be a "wall of shame" folder too :P

I don't want to delete the old and bad works, they are a reminder that I'm still learning :)
I need to work on the book.

And here I was playing with the layout of the pages. If I put a picture of the scene on each page, each chapter gonna be between 20 and 40 pages. In the end only the volume 1 will stick to almost 400 pages.

This're too big, no one will want to read because of the size (and price), even though half of it has drawings.

The last week I’ve spent my time thinking about my work and my comics.

I like to write, to tell stories, to create situations, characters, and talk about them. And I like to draw too, because my mind works better with images than with words.

So I started my comics. But even loving to draw I’m a sluggish person to draw. Each page of my main comic (In the Fields of Time) are colored and I need 8~10 hours to make it.

I don’t have this time. I have a lot of other works to do (the bad side of being self-employed), and, if I draw the pages only when I have time, only one page will be ready per month.

After thinking about it I took the decision to change the format of my stories. They will not be more comics, but something like an illustrated script.

Page Test by dragaodepapel

The picture above show a page test of the new format, with the old drawings and the text (in Portuguese) from the rough draft.

Of course that the drawings will be better, and the text too. The rough draft has only indications of what happens, who appears and the dialog. The final text will be refined.

I apologize for the change to readers who were following the story.

Have no way of continue with the comic, but I will not stop telling the story. It will be published from the beginning.

The final format will be the standard book size 5.5x8.5, and black and white, which makes it easy to print.

And, after this one, all the other stories that I have here and I want to publish.

Yes, illustrated script in the book format.

Let's give a chance for it and see what happens.

I will make it with the plot of the comic In The Fields of Time, that was originally written as a script.

I think I need to change my comics to something like yaoi with elves teenagers :P

Maybe I get some readers for it :/

- Look at what people is reading and go after it;

- Don't try to be original, unless you have a fucking awesome contact list;

- Copy another work. Yes, copy. Oh, yes, put a third arm in your zumbi to make it "different";

- Make stunning characters designs copying famous chars. People love it.

- Looking for a theme? Don't think, use the "award winners": angels x demons, teenagers with powers, yaoi, an evil mega corporation trying to destroy the world, teenagers with school problems, vampires, zumbis...

That's it, Very simple, very effective. Make it and you will have a lot of fans with only five pages.

(It's a joke, ok?)